Josie and Jesse Sr. created their hot sauce products in Taylor, Texas during the 1990’s. They traveled throughout Central Texas marketing their Mild, Hot, Six Pack, Habanero and Green salsa products at local festivals, farmers markets and small retail shops.  Josie and Jesse were often accompanied by their children and grandchildren, who would help market and sell the salsas.  They regularly entered hot sauce contests in the area and often came home with the “best” local salsa award.  

Over time, people across the area began to ask, “Where can I buy Ancira’s Hot Sauce?” Gradually, Jesse Jr. and his family transitioned his parent’s hobby into Ancira Salsas LLC, as it exists today.  This “Taylor Made” product has been shipped across the country and abroad, leading to the “Nearly World Famous” nickname. Ancira’s Hot Sauce not only contains a mix of delicious ingredients, but also embraces the pride and passion that Josie and Jesse devoted to their salsas.

We hope that you enjoy our “Taylor Made” product.

“Nearly World Famous”

People often ask how we came up with the “Nearly World Famous” slogan.  As the popularity of Josie and Jesse Sr.’s hot sauce products grew, local parents would send it to their children who were attending college in other states and to family members serving our country abroad.  On a couple of occasions, our salsa products were included as part of gift baskets given to business officials from other countries that were visiting our local community.

Josie would keep a hand-written list of locations where their salsa was shipped.  One day, we looked at the list and noticed the various cities, states and countries where our products were sent.  At that moment, we coined the phrase, “Nearly Word Famous”.

We appreciate our growing customer base and are proud to say that the “Nearly Word Famous” slogan is still very appropriate!


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41 reviews
Best Salsa ever!!!!

My family loves salsa and now we only purchase Ancira Salsa as it is amazing!!!

The Bomb 💣

When we first received our Hot Sauces the Six Pack Hot Sauce was our first to be used. It really is the best hot sauce we have EVER tasted. We had it on Taco night and it was a hit by all. Really am a huge fan of Ancira Salsa.

Simply the best salsa

Honestly this goes for Habanero, Six Pack, and Hot because all three of them are so very good, it's the only kind I can eat anymore.

Green Salsa

My favorite salsa

I can't get enough of this stuff! I put it on eggs, nachos, Chipotle to-go, you name it. Do yourself a favor and order a 6 pack for whenever your better half finds out what they are missing. Goes down great with a 6 pack of beverages as well!