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Whether you are a salsa connoisseur or new to adding a little bit of spice to your life, there’s an Ancira Salsa for everyone. With 5 different heat levels and flavors, it can be a bit challenging to pick a new one to try out, even if you have already enjoyed one of our salsas before. Each one has an authentic homemade taste that you just can’t get enough of. 

So how do you know which flavor you should try out? And what else can you pair your salsa with besides fresh tortilla chips?

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76 reviews
Mild Salsa
Mary B. (Cedar Park, US)
Best salsa I’ve ever had!

I have been eating this salsa on my eggs every morning for the past week. It’s so good! Glad the green salsa is back in stock, I can’t wait to try it!

Hot Salsa
Jeffrey A.M. (Huntsville, US)
Fantastic salsa!

Great product. Finished two thirds in 3 days. Hot wasn't very hot but I am a pepper head. I would definitely recommend, more than recommend. Worth every cent. Nothing in the stores I've it.

Six Pack Hot Sauce
Alex B. (Gilbert, US)
A Punch Of Spice At The End

When I first opened the jar it smelt spicy but not too bad. Then I dipped a chip into it and tasted it. I was like this isn’t spicy it’s mild. But then after a while *Boom* the spice came and it was great. Nice and fresh a little liquidy for a chip but overall a great salsa. Perfect for tacos or burritos. Would be great if they made a chunkier six pack salsa for chips! Keep up the great work on the salsa. I WILL buy this again.

Green Salsa
Mary Z. (Watertown, US)
Salsa Verde

I love this salsa on eggs or whatever. Perfection!

Habanero Salsa
Wes F. (Los Angeles, US)
Habenero Salsa

I love salsa that is on the spicier side. The Habanero really gives it the kick I like, Do not sleep on this salsa!! it's hard to find a good Habanero salsa that is not watered down. Might be a bit hot for those sensitive palette's, but I dig it!!