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55 reviews
Mild Salsa
Karen R. (Tulum, MX)
Best Salsa Ever!

Love love love all the varieties of Ancira Salsa. The green is out of this world!

Hot Salsa
Danial C. (Houston, US)
Giddy up!

I got turned onto the salsa from a friend of mine at work. This is without a doubt the best salsa I’ve had outside of some thing that has been homemade by my sister, and frankly (sorry sis) this is actually as good or better. It is worth every penny. I like the hot. The six pack’s pretty hot. We will mix the 2 together for a perfect blend of “blow your mind” hot when needed. No courage to try the uber hot stuff. I tell you now...You try this and there’s no way you can be disappointed! Do yourself a favor and order some and eat it today.

Habanero Salsa
gavin l. (Las Vegas, US)

I bought a couple different typed of the salsa, and by far my favorite was the habanero🔥10/10 will buy soon , gonna try the 6 pack next!

Back logo shirt

Love my Ancira salsa back logo shirt in black! I Bought it as soon as I saw it was for sale. Can’t wait for more 😊

Six Pack Hot Sauce
Tourie B. (Phoenix, US)
Excellent customer service goes a long way

I love buying from smaller brands, because they deeply appreciate their customers compared to robotic corporate businesses. Thanks for being my favorite salsa brand Ancira Salsa 🌶🔥