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76 reviews
Mild Salsa
Mary B. (Cedar Park, US)
Best salsa I’ve ever had!

I have been eating this salsa on my eggs every morning for the past week. It’s so good! Glad the green salsa is back in stock, I can’t wait to try it!

Hot Salsa
Jeffrey A.M. (Huntsville, US)
Fantastic salsa!

Great product. Finished two thirds in 3 days. Hot wasn't very hot but I am a pepper head. I would definitely recommend, more than recommend. Worth every cent. Nothing in the stores I've it.

Six Pack Hot Sauce
Alex B. (Gilbert, US)
A Punch Of Spice At The End

When I first opened the jar it smelt spicy but not too bad. Then I dipped a chip into it and tasted it. I was like this isn’t spicy it’s mild. But then after a while *Boom* the spice came and it was great. Nice and fresh a little liquidy for a chip but overall a great salsa. Perfect for tacos or burritos. Would be great if they made a chunkier six pack salsa for chips! Keep up the great work on the salsa. I WILL buy this again.

Green Salsa
Mary Z. (Watertown, US)
Salsa Verde

I love this salsa on eggs or whatever. Perfection!

Habanero Salsa
Wes F. (Los Angeles, US)
Habenero Salsa

I love salsa that is on the spicier side. The Habanero really gives it the kick I like, Do not sleep on this salsa!! it's hard to find a good Habanero salsa that is not watered down. Might be a bit hot for those sensitive palette's, but I dig it!!